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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Three Faces of Dr. Zed...

Three Faces of Mags

Mags has about thirteen hundred other facial expressions in her arsenal, but since June only snapped pics of these three, well, that's what you get.  The title?  When I was a kid I was a giant fan of Tony Randall's "Seven Faces of Dr. Lao", I guess apologies are in order for the randomness.

We've got a little girl who talks endlessly now, is totally focused on the world around her, and is sleeping all night long.  That's right, I said sleeping all night long, and has been for at least a week. Oh, and Zoey's been sleeping without pull-ups for over two months now.

You can hate us later, but for now, look at those three faces and laugh or swoon or loathe her parents. Haters gonna hate.  We don't really care as long as we get to sleep and no one's wetting the bed.


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