Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Summit...

Visiting with the Burgess'

Our friends Jason and Kaylen just had a baby, yup...Hudson's his name...a bad ass name BTW, and since we like them oh-so much, and since we know how it feels to stumble through the isolation of early babyness, and since June can do anything she wants during the day, there was a Burgess-DeWagner Summit this week highlighting the genetic accomplishments of all four parents.  It was frightening I'm told.  Our progeny should concern us.

All the kids

First there's Jace, the oldest...he's assuredly going to be the most manly little man of all men ever.  Cover-alls and old tradesman attitude...tractors and trucks and knocking down walls (old houes demolition, long story)...stumbling back in for a beer...juice.  He's barely started school and already his guidance counselors are telling him to focus on the trades.  He's got the vocabulary for it, as he'll proudly assert.

Zoey's the next oldest, and we suspect that she's going to do little more with her pre-college life than accessorize and buy J Crew sweaters.  She wears skinny jeans and really gives a crap about shoes.  She's emotional and dramatic, and her guidance counselors might very well advise her parents to start saving for NYU.  Not because she's necessarily the smartest girl in the neighborhood, but because of the campus' close proximity to the best shopping on planet earth.

Sophia comes next, and don't you #$%& with her. She's lovely just the same, but still, don't #$%& with her.  Jace will know how to treat women, I'll say that.  he will or he'll be made miserable by his strong willed sister.

Then Maggie is next, and then Hudson and we're all very much still trying to figure them out.  My prediction is that they date and their Dad's get very drunk on their prom night.  Maggie's Dad will help her pick out her dress, and Hudson's Dad will lose his cummerbund and tie.


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