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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Night's Alright for Linking...

Sesame Street is awesome...well, awesomer than we already knew they were.

This is what I want to be doing right now...right now.

Just read this...pretty great.

Uhmm, wow. I'm not capable of that kind of vision.

Leader of the Free World...and husband.

People always ask how we travel so cheaply...Bookmark these.

This is very cool.


The NY Times helps old people feel less old...well, old people with smart phones and Twitter accounts.

These are some fun toys.

Always wanted one of these. Always will.

Someday we'll snap a family photo here.

I have a big presentation to give this week, and then I'm not going to shave for awhile, I think. Support my Movember brothers. Then in about a month I'm going to rock this shirt.

My Father-In-Law told me about this, and it's pretty awesome.

I just kind of feel bad for all of my American friends who haven't been indoctrinated in the cult of the Tragically Hip. Everyone needs a Gord Downie in their life. The boys played a week or so of in-residence shows at a local pub in Kensington Market in Toronto just to tune up for their tour. Pretty awesome.

Desperate to do this in Zoey's room.

A look inside my friend Coop's brain.

Making these tomorrow.


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