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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Married to a Camera...

Pink Mags

Sometimes I feel as though I'm married to a camera that's attached to a girl.  It's brilliant.  It means I don't have to do much and there are endless photos of our family.  My own parents don't have that many photos from when I was young. Oh, they have plenty of slides...everyone in the 70s had slides...but there aren't overflowing photo albums of stupid cute pictures of my brother and I.  June's parents have more, but even those photos pale in comparison to what we have in this house...on this blog, for God's sake.  When you marry a girl who likes cameras, you end up kind of spoiled.

This has been a particularly good week, and each day I came home it seemed as though Mom had memory cards full of National Geographic quality photos of the girls.  As a parent I can't urge you enough to find a good camera...I mean, a really good camera...and then snap away. It'll be the best investment that you ever made, you know, besides a slow cooker.

Here are some unbelievable shots from the past three days...

Blue Quilt Zed
Maggie likes to be around people, which means that she absolutely has to be there for dinner, for post-shower toweling-off and changing, for cooking, and for well, other bathroom activities.  She's good to just hang out, although not for long.  She's kinda big on the human contact thing...probably some kind of common infant hang-up type thing.  Whatever...makes for stupid cute shots.

Facepaint Zed
So the enterprise was ugly, and the clean up was a mess, and who'd have ever thought that you'd have gotten nothing more than hilarious photos from an afternoon of painting faces...not something amazeballs like this.  Just for the record, and I'm admittedly biased...those are some serious eyes.

Ask my friend Scotty...ask our friend Serree...ask anyone who's ever dropped the price of an old truck on a camera, and they'll tell you...have a baby, buy a camera.  Done.  Or you could just marry someone who likes to do that's probably cheaper to just buy the camera.


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