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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hot Tub Time Machine Saved My Life

hot tub time machine 1

It wouldn't be the first time that John Cusack saved my ass, but Hot Tub Time Machine gave me a new ethos with which to live my life, and it was pretty damn funny.

"Sometimes you just have to embrace the chaos," said the cool girl that got off the Poison tour bus, and she was right.  Sometimes you do.  Don't think too much about it. Trust me, as I type this thinking is the last thing on my mind.  Is the film ridiculous, yes.  Is it near impossible to harvest any kind of philosophical lesson from it's madness? Absolutely, but somehow I managed it.

Here's what you can glean from the kind of movie that typically makes you dumber...

Chill out.


Don't take it all so serious.

Never hyphenate your surname with your wife's maiden name. Never.

Friends are important.

Poison sucks.

Simple lessons, sure, but reminders that we all need on a semi-regular basis.  Laugh. Have fun. Don't lose track of the people who care about you.  Don't lose track of yourself.  And if you're ever sucked into a time space vortex continuum hot tub thing, don't worry about messing up the future.  Just give 'er.

That's our embarrassing and unnecessary cinematic lesson for the day.  Stay tuned as next week we tweak our moral compass by watching Meatballs.


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