Monday, November 5, 2012

Give Them Grace...

Daddy's view

It's all I ever wanted...grace, but it looks so much better on a woman...on daughters.  That's what I'll work the hardest at, imparting the value of grace.  There are so many things a person can become and drowning in that one attribute is the cure for most ills.  Grace, it's the rarest of things these days. Does anyone really even know what it is anymore? I'm quite certain that the people who have it don't know that that they do, and the one's who are so desperate to grasp it, might never.  It isn't something that you clutch, or pocket.  It just is.  I think all that you can really do is live in such a way that it might shine on you.

Don't deny dreams, or put off ideas.  Be curious, and wrong.  Love people, everyone.  Be kind, and generous.  Being thoughtful counts in spades... and try on empathy every once in awhile.  Be gentle.  There are so few people who are gentle.  Care about the world around you.  Find yourself and don't stray from that, ever.  Earn people's love and respect.  Be inspired.

Try hard to be something more than what you were supposed to be.  Be bigger by making yourself small, by giving.  Tell the truth. Be fearful and hopeful.  Pull people close, and recognize beautiful things.  Be genuine.  Find something about which you are unshakable.  FIll the world with what's inside your head. There's no sense in camouflaging all of that.  Be worthy of grace and grace will find you.  At least, that's what I believe.


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