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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Four Favorite Parts of The Week...

I just had to type this.  These are my four favorite parts of the week...

1. A very happy Harry Potter Halloween for the DeWagnerellis.

2. My good friend, Kevin, was just named the Communications Manager for the Dean of the University of Michigan Medical School.  Two words...bad...ass.

3. Our good, good friends, Jason and Kaylen welcomed their second son into the world, and quickly named him Hudson...Hudson, I said!  Brilliant.  I have three friends with sons whose names begin with the letter H...Hayden (Fox)...Harmon (Bergquist)...and now Hudson (Burgess).  Kinda awesome.

4. My young friend James, who went home after we talked last week.  He found me this morning and told me he had talked to his basketball coach, switched counselors, and gone home, and my heart swam in my chest.

Bonus Awesomeness: 

5. Netflix has Abbott & Costello movies. Oh my.


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