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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Football Games and Hand-Offs...

Asleep as soon as she reached Barb's lap

We no sooner arrived at the Southwestern Ontario AA high school football semi-final then our good friend Barb gently kidnapped Maggie...gently, we say because June handed Mags over. Barb sweetly ushered us away, and we watched our nephew's team dismantle their competition without the distraction of a restless baby.

You can always tell the people who really remember the challenges of this stage because all they do is offer to hold her for awhile, but that simple gesture alone is worth about a billion dollars. Remember the awesome people who just want to hold your baby and usher you off to do other things. Remember them and thank whatever lucky stars you can find because the Barb's are rare...but get your own Barb, this one's ours.


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