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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Filtering Out The Holidays...

Post-Halloween Zed 2

Halloween is quickly becoming my favorite holiday. At the very least, it feels like the one that we're best at. Thanksgiving...meh. Christmas...we try, but we just haven't found our swing. Easter...non-existent save for chocolate bunnies. Halloween we've somehow gotten right. Maybe it's the creativity or the fantasy, or the fact that on three occasions now we've stepped up to the plate and bonked Homers. Every October 31st we feel like a Game #1 Pablo Sandoval. The best part is that Zo had indulged us. First there was that whole Ernest Hemingway ordeal that we put her through. Then the Notre Dame cheerleader fiasco. Then finally Zed got some input and hit the road looking for treats dressed up as Tinkerbell, but even then Mom and Dad ran amok with our costumes, scaring half the neighborhood. This year we finally thought that our twisted influence was over, that Zo had found her own swing and was going to ignore whatever signs we gave her and just swing away at her own Halloween costume. Then we got all procrastination-like with our costume design, which included Zo's simple Wendy request, and we had to tackle this Halloween just like the Detroit Tigers tackled everything this year...the hard way. We scrambled and stumbled and landed on our feet with our favorite Halloween yet.

Post-Halloween Zed

It helps that Zo only wants to Trick or Treat for a dozen houses or so...kinda makes for an easy night. She may have even gotten more stoked to answer the door and dole out candy at Gramma's house. She definitely was more stoked to eat candy and dance around the room at Baachan's house after only six houses. She's an easy evening of Trick or Treating if I ever saw one. It's a low expectation holiday, and I think that's the trick. As far as costumes go, we just do the best we can, and as far as what we expect from the night, that's even easier...any candy is more than we had when we started. We've driven home to visit grandparents three out of four years now, and we've toured our own neighborhood last year for a great night as well. It's almost like we can't lose. In that regard we're nothing like the Detroit Tigers at all.


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