Monday, November 26, 2012

Curse Be Gone...

I broke a mirror this weekend, but after only a brief moment of panic I reminded myself that I broke a mirror last summer and that seven years of bad luck stuff was just ridiculous...although, my luck has seemingly sucked since then.  I sort of lingered in a lesser panic until I rationalized that a second broken mirror must reverse the damage done by the the first, so now I'd be fine.  I further rationalized by agreeing with myself that if Michigan beat Ohio State, and USC beat Notre Dame, the universe will surely have been telling me that the bad luck was over.  That didn't happen.  So now, I need a voodoo witch doctor type referral...if anyone knows a good get this monkey off my back.

I did some half-hearted searching and found this...

"Like many superstitions, bad luck incurred from breaking a mirror has its roots in antiquity. The ancient Romans were the first to develop a method with which to create the reflective surface of a mirror. Their religious beliefs, condensed into Hesiod's Theogony, as well as their spiritual beliefs were the catalyst that propagated this superstition. Many societies throughout the world believe 
that a mirror possesses a kind of raw supernatural power, a window into the soul. These cultures hold that part of their soul is imparted to the mirror through their reflection. Should the mirror shatter or fragment, this could mean the corruption of that person's soul. Moreover, it would also mean that a portion of that individual's soul would be confined to the broken mirror. This ties into a spiritual belief known as spirit loss that many cultures still embody even today. In the absence of modern science to explain many such phenomena, ancient civilizations were left to address the question of existential ambiguity and spirituality in an arbitrary context, which is why many of these superstitions arise. While breaking a mirror is believed to herald seven years of bad luck, there are subsequent actions one can take to resolve this negative karma.Perhaps the most candid remedy for breaking a mirror is to grind up the fragments into a find powder and bury them. This destroys the reflection, restoring the soul to the individual who broke the mirror. Another antidote, which was taken from a number of other pagan superstitions is to throw salt over one's shoulder. One particular African spiritual belief holds that by immersing the broken pieces in a southern flowing stream, one find exoneration from the bad luck in a shy fraction of the time. Finally, burning the shattered pieces of the mirror is also said to remove the burden of seven years of bad luck."

So it seems I need either a south flowing river, or some salt.  I might have a fire tonight, and you know, really rip into this superstition but either way it could be fun.  I might convince Zoey to break out her magic wand (she'll have to choose from her awesome collection), and we'll tear into a full blown home remedy for curse removal.  A guy just can't go around breaking mirrors all the time without doing something about it.  At least, that's what I'm telling myself this morning.  Then, in the middle of all this mirror talk, it strikes #$%?ing bored am I?

I think I might go find a cemetery and tap the mirror on a tombstone seven times, you know, just in case.  Or I was thinking that maybe I could just make up my own magic.  I'll ask Zoey.  She's good at these things.


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