Saturday, November 3, 2012

Books = Sleep

Passed out at the library

Apparently Maggie is just like her Mom in the sense that books = sleep.  You should have seen June in college, now that was funny.  I don't know how many times I caught her face down in a biology book, snoring.  Two years ago I bought her Tina Fey's book for Christmas.  She's still not done, but it helps her sleep on those tossy and turny nights.  It seems Maggie's no differnent. Take little Mags to the library and watch her snore.  Works every time.  Zoey, on the other hand, is a book worm of extraordinary prowess.  She has more books than most adults and can sit through sixty or seventy pages of chapter books read by her Dad.  She could read a dozen or more books at bedtime and very often has to wake Mom up from pre-bed storytime.

Books...they're Mommy and Maggie's kryptonite, it seems.  Not Daddy.  Not Zoey.  Way back when I was young and I was struck by a car on the side of the road, I was in shock, out of it, knackered beyond belief, and when the EMS guys asked me if I knew where I was, laying on the side of the highway bleeding, I answered, "at the library." Surely a testament to reading if there ever was one.  I don't think Maggie will ever appreciate that story much.  Of course, if I wrote it down and read it to her, she'd fall fast asleep.


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