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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some People You Just Like...

How many times have I tapped a keyboard here in an effort to express my affection for people? Too many to count, I'm certain. This morning it struck me again how eager I was to do that again. There are things that never get old, and hearing about how much someone likes you is one of them. It struck me as news came that my Uncle Morty wasn't doing so hot, diagnosed with a bum rap by the universe, a '27 Yankees version of Cancer, and all I could think of was how much I liked him.  It's some kind of love, I'm sure, but somehow it feels thicker than fog, if fog can be drenched in affection. Sometimes I think love can be oh-so irrational, so inexplicable...but "like" isn't. Like is very deliberate, and has very specific ingredients.  Try to explain why you love someone and watch how quickly in articulation strangles you. Think about why you like someone and the reasons rush throu your frontal lobe so fast that you need to sit down.  There are very specific reason why you like someone, and with Morty it was simple. I wished he was mine to have whenever I wanted him...whenever I needed an Uncle...a gentle voice of masculine reason. Maybe it was because he seemingly liked me, and being liked is a pretty good reason to like right back, but I think it was more than that. He wasn't like everyone else's Dads or Uncles. He was always more, I dunno, accessible, in that way that so many men are not. I like my Uncle Morty and It got me to thinking about how much I like so many other people and how they can never hear it enough. I'd say it again right here but I'm terribly busy "liking" Mort right now. That guy's one of the good ones.


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