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Friday, October 19, 2012

Links and Links and...

This ain't make believe b!%ches...ain't no fairy tale painting. This place is real, and I wanna go!

Best photo ever.

I can't do any of this stuff, but there's a reason why there's a quiver of these in the basement. Because it's awesome.

I used to live and die in these, and I'd sell my kidney to have another pair.

I could pull this off. I know I could.

One of my favorite places.

This kid is a genius.

You will be mine. Oh yes, someday you will be mine.

Interesting stuff. I like the "we need all the help we can get," statement. Ain't that the truth.

Banned books.

I'm not so sure if my wife, or any woman, would have dated a guy with a car like this, but if they wouldn't, I'd still want one.

Politically incorrect...probably. Rad as #%!k...yep.

True dat!


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