Friday, October 19, 2012

It Ain't Easy...

Practicing their Japanese alphabet.

The Tigers are in the World has suddenly turned stressful and insane...beautiful blue Fall skies have shifted to grey and wet ceilings that tend to insulate the depression of coming winter...and almost all I can ever think about is how hard my wife is working to juggle two kids.  I can see it wearing her down, and although most days she's smiling and balancing everything like a champ, other days I see her overwhelmed and struggling.  There have been occasional tears.  It's hard.

I try to help, although I know I could try harder.  I come home and steal Zo.  I could do better stealing Maggie but a guy without the ability to breast feed, and who can seemingly only carry his daughter in one awkward, shoulder straining position without inspiring tears, is only good for so much.  Soon enough I'll be able to kidnap my daughters, both, and go for Saturday morning drives, or evening visits without the breast confectionary that Mom's presence seems to be.  For now, I struggle to stress all day and then come home to take over.  It's hard.

The point being, I guess, that this stuff is difficult, and we're managing...doing quite more than managing I suppose, but there are times where we're short with one another, or where we do less for one another than we should, or could, and times where we feel that we mismanage this, or that, and it's kind of par for this difficult course.  Blue skies helped...and a World Series will help...and an equally sudden shift back to semi-normalcy at work will help...but for now we're trying to adjust to light sleep, early mornings, late nights, not having a moment to catch our breath until 9 or 10pm, and the absolute disappearance of any semblance of a social life (where'd everyone go?) and stumbling through days and weeks on our way to what we know will be awesome.  It's very often awesome right now, but it's just as often sigh inducing.  It's hard.

Did I mention that it's hard?  I think I did.


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