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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...

First family photo in forever - Thanksgiving 2012
It was the first family photo in no less than 25 years. Which means that it was the first family photo with spouses and grandchildren. It was certainly the first family photo with Pops since the was something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'm oh-so grateful for my friends and family. My family knows just how much I love them, but I worry that sometimes my friends don't (despite saying out loud into a microphone in front of their respective entire group of drunken wedding guests). I'm especially thankful for those of you who surprised me with the frequency of your visits here...Robin, Trace, etc...that knowledge was the absolute most pleasant of surprises, so sincerely pleasant. This is my family, and this is me, and it's all, at times, so difficult to type, and at other times so easy. It's easy to be thankful for people who know so much about you and still love you enough to keep peeking in on you. That's impressive business.

 As Thanksgiving fades into these cold October days I've got a ridiculously beautiful wife, an astonishingly smart and paralyzingly cute daughter, and another little girl who smiles when I talk to her, and quiets when I walk with her in my arms, and I couldn't be any more blessed. I do something for a living that I believe in with every ounce of my heart and am lucky enough to be good at it. I have memories that help me to sleep with a smile, and enough people to love to pour everything I have into that affection and never run out of sighs.

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Mucho, mucho love and all that sappy crap.


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