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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daddy, Stuart Little, and Justin Verlander...

hi-res-148397194_crop_exact There's a little girl singing upstairs in the darkness, the Tiger game on the radio next to her bed, her soft voice crooning some unknown song from the shadows of her room. Her and Daddy skipped bath time tonight and went for a walk instead, Zo wrapped tightly in her sleeping bag, tucked snugly into her red wagon, Dad dragging her around while Zed pointed her flashlight at potential Halloween stops. "That'd be a good house Daddy. Look how bright the lights are." We made mental notes of the houses that we decorated for the holiday, which streets, and perhaps even what path we might follow to reach them before all of the neighborhood kids had ravaged their supplies. Zed is coordinating one heck of a Halloween. By the time we got home it was late, much later than usual, and we snuck off to bed while Mom tried to find the Tiger game on the awful cable package that we currently loathe. We read some more of Stuart Little, and then tuned into Justin Verlander's bold attempt at advancing the Tigers to the ALCS. Zo went to bed smiling, and Dad felt like he left something of an imprint tonight. After a difficult day a sleeping little girl and the Tigers game on the radio help to make the whole wicked world disappear. If you consider the added comfort of knowing that Zo and I already have a solid game plan for this Halloween thing, I'd say it was a stellar night. It was a buggered day, one that left me speechless, and searching for perspective. I found it tonight in a little red wagon, and in the soft singing of a little girl framed by the distant voices of Jim Price and Dan Dickerson. Don't kid yourself though, Justin Verlander helps.


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