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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas in October...


Ian and Meredith have been at the house for days now, and Zoey's found a brightness in Fall that only favorite people can inspire.  Bedtime is easy because she's exhausted, and waking up is easy because she's overflowing with excitement because of who's sleeping in the basement.  We haven't done much...the park, the petting zoo, World Series games at night and tickling games all day.  We haven't done much except make a little girl's week.  Zoey loves her Uncle Ian, and she loves her BFF, Meredith, and two days of their company is like Christmas in October, only better because we can wear shorts to the park, and play on the beach.  We didn't even care the Tigers were down two games to the Giants, and that the sunshine seemed to be making one last stand before winter.

Ian and Meredith are home, and Zoey's been smiling. Now if the Tigers could just win a few baseball games, I'd be smiling too.


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