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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Flashlight and Fleece...

Untitled There are no mountains in our backyard, but a beach is close by, and there are few forests to adventure all through, but there are bugs, and sometimes they are adventure enough. Zed is a fearless hunter of insects, mostly to benefit her pet Mantis, but also just for kicks. She's never once declined a bug hunt...never once said no to a flashlight and fleece night out hunting ugly little things. She's a champ that way, and I don't think I've ever expressed just how proud it makes me. We always dreamed of a little Patagonia kid...a child of nature, unphased by weather or web, curious about the natural world, and eager to explore it. It's easy enough to forget that it's exactly what we've got. Pick up a problem...hold that snake, ok...there isn't much she shirks from. We were reminded by a good friend of ours, Layna, just how fearless this little girl is, and sometimes you need reminding of the things that are right under your nose. Like little bug hunters wrapped in warm fleece, carrying nothing but a flashlight and a jar.


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