Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Wish...

Dad Daughter Shadows

Today I thought about what I hope for my girls...what I wish for them when times come where they might be waiting for wishes to come true. I thought this...

I want you to understand that if you're waiting for God or some other savior to come save you, or to change the world, you're wasting valuable time and hope.  The power to do such things is within you.  It's your responsibility.  You're the only God that you need.  I mean, you're supposedly created in some Godly image, right?  That's what they say.  All of that change is yours to make.  Don't wait for grace, go out and find it and wear it on your sleeve.  Find your strength and purpose and indulge them.  Someday there won't be a reason to fight for anything but who you are and what you believe, and you won't wait for anyone to help you do it.  That's what I wish for you.  I hope that you find what you need in my shadow, and that the memory of everything we've ever done, or said, or have seen fills you with the confidence and direction to embrace anything.  I want you to spin from this childhood, and these days with enough respect and certainty that you can answer your own prayers...a whirlwind of Daddy's little girl.  That's what I want.  

I just want them to be happy, but I want them to take responsibility for their own happiness, and I want them not to mystify their own good fortune.  I want to let go of their hand and know that won't ever need to hold another one.  They might want to, but they'll never need to.  That's what I want.


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