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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Happiest Girl Alive...


Zoey started Pre-School today.  That's right, September 5th, 2012 will live on in infamy as the day in which Zoey Sakura DeWagner took the education world by storm.  She waved Mom off, and walked right in to play...she comforted her crying peers...and she played so fervently, and with such reckless abandon that she couldn't remember a single other kid's name at the end of the day.  Her teacher, Ms. Katie, claimed that she's a bit of an imitator, but oh-so helpful, and a really good listener.

So, now if that security guard at the Museum of Natural History in New York was correct in his assumption about Zoey's future, we'd better start saving for Harvard.  He could have said Michigan and the drive would have been a much shorter one for our many, many visits, but Boston's cool.  I'm down for Red Sox and Pats games, and the Head of the Charles Regatta each year.  I'm cool with occasional Fall weekends spent hanging out on Newberry Street, and in Boston Common.

We've been keeping this blog thing going for just short of four years, and some of you have been reading for just as long.  Pre-School...that happened fast, didn't it?


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