Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rise, Shine...Linger

She's lying right beside me, all snuggled into her Dad's, well, armpit. There are undeniably more glamorous places to find warmth, safety and security.  I'm typing with one hand, a trick I don't recommend to the impatient.  My other arm is wrapped around this oh-so early rising three year old who stumbled, quite literally, out of her room into the 6AM darkness searching meekly for Daddy, her hair matted in front of her half-shut eyes.  Now I don't want to get out of bed.

I can hear the traffic begin to thicken outside our open bedroom window, and somewhere there's a freighter passing, it's long, low horn booming across the lake.  The bus just stopped to pick up tired souls on their way to tired jobs.  I heard it sigh as it opened it's doors and swallowed them whole. My alarm went off a long time ago, but now I have this beautiful little accessory to my morning and lingering is easy.

Every time I think I need this thing or that one, or each time I struggle to carve some sort of boring peace out of this occasionally uneventful rock of a life, I think about little girls snuggling at 6AM and I don't feel so desperate for, well, anything.

I can feel her soft, slow breathing under my arm and I think I'll just be late today.


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