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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Thoughts...Not So Random Inspiration

Today I thought of our friends Dustin and Kelly, and thought of their recent struggles trying to balance the weight of the news that their son will be unlike many other sons, and it struck me in an instant, and brought me to tears how lucky they will be to have a child so unlike the others, and how vastly different will be the love that they feel for that little boy than has been the love that I have felt for my own daughters. I cried because now, after weeks of thinking how difficult it must be for them I can only think now how blessed they are to have such a different love growing between them.   That's a lucky little boy brewing in Kelly's bump...a ridiculously blessed boy. How wildly loved he'll be, and how different and desperate that love will be because he's so unlike the rest is almost unfathomable to me.  He's healthy. He can still scrap his way into Harvard or The Briar, but he'll be blessed with a different kind of experience than the rest, not better or worse, just different, a parallel kind of experience propped up by an unparalleled kind of love.  I'm no longer burdened by any weight that things must be hard for Dustin and Kelly. Now I'm jealous of the love they get to drown in that no one else save them will know. Talk about a random thought for the day. Wow.


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