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Monday, September 24, 2012

Pull Your Shorts Up Kid...

Wearing Daddy's shorts in the .shower

Zed likes to shower with Daddy...of course, Daddy likes to wear shorts when we do.  It's just not worth all the giggling and question asking. We spit water...Zo likes to soap Daddy up...Daddy has to work hard to keep Zoey away from his nipples (she's got this weird obsession)...I hold her up while we soak up the hottest of water...then Daddy gets out first to towel off, and when I chuck my shorts back in the tub to hang up after we're all done, Zoey invariably puts them on and finishes her shower in Daddy's surf trunks.  It might be the cutest thing since forever.  I'd bet you ten thousand dollars that you couldn't find a happier kid in that moment.  Sweet...hilarious...Zo.


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