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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life is Hard...Get a Helmet

Other things a helmet is good for

Even our three year old daughter knows that it's wise to sometimes strap on a helmet, especially when you're experimenting with just how much your head can take. But what if you're seventeen and sleeping with your best friend's father, or what if you watched your father shoot your Mom?  What if almost every part of your life has been worthy of wearing that helmet?  Sometimes it's awfully nice knowing that the only time my daughter needs one these days is when she's riding her scooter...or testing out the hardness of rocks.

On Friday afternoon a girl told me that she hoped my daughter knew how lucky she was to have a Dad who cared so much, and was so involved, and had such a different way of seeing things.  I said that I hope someday she does too.  Then the tears came.  When I asked her why she was crying she just shrugged, but I knew.  Imagine not having a father that loves you.

Life is hard...sometimes way harder than it needs to be...and sometimes there isn't a helmet in the world that can keep your head from harm.


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