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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Giant Praying Mantis' and Sleeping Babies...

Off to the butterflies first

I wish I lived next door to the Detroit Zoo, or any Zoo for that matter.  I suppose I'd pick a city that was  a little more spruced up, and warmer, but since Detroit is the major metropolitan area in our backyard, I guess that it'll do just fine.

It was a stellar way to wrap up a trying summer...a zoo trip with my three favorite girls, and it fell together like a champ. We were off early, we had no issues at the border, or with the drive, the weather was great, and Maggie slept like it was her job.  No need to cross fingers and pray to whatever God that would listen.  The day fell together without so much as a hangnail.

Best part of the day?  There was a praying mantis on the carousel...seriously.

Can you say happy?!

How do you like your praying mantis'?  I like mine super huge and made out of wood, spinning around in circles with really fufu music playing.


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