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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Close Counts in Lots of Things...

I've been reading her Peter Nimble each night, and asking her to close her eyes and imagine herself to sleep. She does.  Every once in awhile she asks me to explain something, but doesn't open her eyes.  Tonight she wanted to know what a "compliment" was, and then, "why are some adventures dangerous?"  I answer her, and when she's satisfied, I return to reading.  She's never lasted more than two chapters, and she's often asleep before I can finish even one. I can tell you that it's infinitely better than the Berenstein Bears.

Each and every night I think about how I won't get to do this for very long, just a few short years, and then I'll need to find other ways to be close to her...because in the end that's all this really is, just another chance to be close to her.


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