Sunday, August 12, 2012

Waiting For a Baby...

Due date is Thursday...June feels stranger than she's ever felt, enough to call the mid-wife Friday night at 11pm, for a quick check.  The fun news is that 1cm never seemed like such a big deal until now.  The bad news is that even that small change in physiology might not mean much.  Last time June could have run a marathon five days past her due date.  Either way, if you consider the general "ten days overdue" rule, this baby will be here no later than two weeks from now.  June is quite certain that it'll be here in the next day or two.  I'm much too ignorant to even have a reasonable guess.  I suspect that she'll come out to play when she's good and ready.

The nursery is nearly done.  It's a simple thing, but then we're not the sorts that want ornate.

Daddy just bought a changing mat for his diaper bag. You know, the all black Skip-Bo teddy bears, no pink polka dots...just black...(and $15 at TJ Maxx when Zo was born).

Stroller, playpen accessories, bouncy chair, Bumbo, foldable Ikea change table etc...all pulled out from the crawl space, and dusted off.

Our own bedroom cleaned and re-organized to make our lives less chaotic and disorganized come baby time.

Our friends down the street, TJ and Jessica, are available to take Zo if a middle of the night situation arises.

Mummy's hospital bag is packed.

We're ready...or we think that we are, which is half the damn battle.  It doesn't seem like forever ago since we did this.  I don't remember every single detail, but it doesn't matter because this one will be completely different from the last...this situation completely different, and our perspectives oh-so changed.  So many people talk about time moving so fast, and about forgetting so much, but it really seems to me that neither are true.  The time that has passed is the time that has marches on, sure, but it hasn't sped past us, I don't think.  What we've forgot is very likely for the best because this baby will teach us new things, and test us in new ways.  Besides, we've got the challenge of keeping Zoey happy, and engaged, and involved, and that's no small thing for a girl who everything has orbited around for so long.  This will all be something brand new.

Well, bags are packed...when does brand new start?  Just for fun, I'll say Tuesday or Wednesday.  Ask June and she might say later this afternoon.  Either way...we're as ready as we're ever going to be.


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