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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Music and Stupid Ideas That Take Root...

I wouldn't venture to guess what your Sunday mornings hold but I'd feel like a selfish dirt pile if I kept The Dirty Guv'nahsall  to myself this morning.  My day actually started with Springsteen's "Thunder Road" as I got in the car to cruise for coffee, and then quickly slipped into the Guv'nahs to roll this day off the presses with some seriously soulful energy.  I don't know about you (except for my friend Johnny Weezleteets, I definitely know about him) but new music always bunches my shorts up, in a good way, of course.  Naturally, who doesn't want their shorts all bunched up in a good way?

It's a quite day.  Zo had a sleep over at Aunt Header's with her cousin Avery, and won't be home 'til this afternoon we don't imagine.  Maggie has been mostly sleeping, and our midwife stopped by the house for a little week-later check-up.  Mags is doing great.  So is Mummy, and now we're staring into an empty Sunday with nothing to do but listen to the Dirty Guv'nahs and avoid sweating.  Sounds good.

Quiet Sundays are always good for the brewing of ridiculous ideas, and this morning was no exception.  It struck me today that I'd like to round up some of my more creative friends and sit around on an empty Friday night, sip beers, log onto our laptops, and suss out some adventures.  That's right, something of an Explorers Club, who throw together calendars of awesomeness by getting together, doing a little research, and laughing about the insanity of driving all the way to Mississippi just to tailgate a football game.  The loose plan is to round up four or five good buddies with bold ideas and easy attitudes, and start rooting out the coolest, most fun and random things to do...not necessarily together, just in a general sense.  My friend Dustin just got back from Bristol Tennessee where his wife and himself took in a weekend of Mumford & Sons...and another friend Scotty and his wife Lisa just got home from running The Tail of The Dragon down in North Carolina. Both experiences weren't your average idea.  They're just two creative guys with the chutzpah to get up and go.  I like that attitude.  Now think about how fun a yearly gathering of such minds might be in terms of rustling up some pretty unique ideas to get busy exploring across the span of that next year?  It's brilliant.

So as morning fades into afternoon, and I somehow deal with how frustrated I am that the newest Dirty Guv'nahs release isn't available on iTunes Canada, I am bolstered by the notion that just maybe I can round up some good fellas for some Friday night imaginings.  Who says Sunday mornings are made for  sleeping in?


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