Friday, August 17, 2012

Still Waiting...

I awoke on this first day of being technically overdue for our little visitor, from a night of ridiculous dreams, and tossing and turning, to a quiet morning cinnamon and raison toast with steaming coffee and, of course, the pages of a Harry Potter book.  I've become quite obsessed.  My back and shoulders still ache, and the house is quiet.  I'm thinking about favorites this favorites that go often overlooked...

Like cinnamon and raison toast with butter, and hot slow, quiet ponderous reading more than I wide open days that don't paying attention to what the universe is giving to abandoning old ideas for new...but mostly for cinnamon and raison toast with butter.

Where's this new baby?  Like her sister, she's certainly taking her time, which I suppose is good, very good.  Babies hanging on 'til term is such a strong indicator of later health and development, but I'm certain June would just as soon take a C or two on a report card every now and again to have some relief right now.  Perhaps a child that takes a little longer than most to pull of her social skills together would be welcomed in light of June's poor aching back this week?  Still, she's a champ, a genuine natural at this pregnancy thing.  Like many, she glows fairly brightly, but she maintains a proper attitude, and smile...she prefers to be busy, and she wants to be social and active.  She's happy.  It's fun to see.  If anyone was made to inspire confidence in new mothers it might be her. Still, this baby's arrival is expected and not eagerly put off 'til tomorrow, or the next day, or the next.  June wants to get rolling with this family of four.

We've got a name picked out, at least we think that we do.  The longer things take, the more ideas creep into our heads.  We're packed and prepared for a quick departure, but imagining a scheduled one.  We're trying to stay close to home and wander off only in small excursions.  Since my phone has stopped working I've been pinching June's for times when I slip out to return with things on my list and things not on my Praying Mantis'...For two busy people, this part is the hardest.

There's excitement bumbling around the air, and the anticipation is thick like fog.  No trepidation, no fear of the unknown, just enthusiasm and eagerness for this new bit of our lives to start.  Even Zoey talks endlessly about her new sister.  That will be an interesting dynamic...for her to play a part of, and for us.  Yet still, it's exciting.

And... it didn't take long before the quiet of the house was broken by a little girl squealing stories of lost boys and Captain Hook through her bedroom door, out into the hall, and bursting into her parents bedroom with a wide smile and a look of enthusiasm that few people over the age of four can muster in the morning.  Let's add that to the like list...


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