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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Praying Mantis Instead of a Baby...

Zed's new pet 2

Although there's no baby just yet, there is a new pet.  Meet Metamophasis (named by Zed, I swear), a Praying Mantis that I found rummaging through some plywood remainders at a job site.  I slipped out to grab a few things just before bedtime. I saw some scrap wood in the parking lot near a dumpster, that didn't look at all like scrap wood, and stopped to take a look...BAM...there was Metamorphasis crawling around.  I snatched him up in an old water bottle, and rushed home to show Zed before she slipped off to sleep.  She loved him.

Zed's new pet 3

I interrupted Mummy and her tummy reading Zed a story, and like only a Dad can, stirred up the whole quietude of the scene with this sinister looking gift.  She wanted to sleep with him but Mom assured her, "No bugs in bed!"  Good rule.  Write that down.

Zed's new pet 1

He's quite large, and plenty nasty looking.  He brings back instant memories of getting pinched by one when I was a child.  It was near traumatic, and even the sight of them ever since has rendered me goobered...until tonight.  I was SO excited to take him home and show Zed that I totally forgot how much I hate Praying Mantis'.  That's what your child will do to you.

Now what the hell do Praying Mantis' eat?


Blogger M. said...

Our daughters are so much the same person it's ridiculous. J describes the praying mantis as "the Holy Grail", which he's been searching for all summer. And I've acted out Peter Pan more times than I care to remember. Our kids rock.

August 17, 2012 at 5:36 PM  

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