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Sunday, August 19, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering...

Zed and Maggie - Heading Home 1 Zoey and her new little sister, Maggie, getting ready to leave the hospital.

Just in case you were wondering what #$%&ing awesome looks like...this is it. Sure there are other things that are awesome, like...

- the Grand Canyon

- the first time you the see the grass infield in a major league baseball stadium

- floor seats at a Springsteen show when the whole arena sings Born to Run down on top of your head.  

- Hawaii

- a good haircut

- Central Park in the Spring

- Pearl Jam

- sleeping in

- Joshua Tree at night

- getting off a Greyhound bus after three days

- the sound of a child's giggle

- someone to comfort you when you feel bad

- sunset at Sacre Coeur

- ice cold water

- Harry Potter books

- Surf shops...real ones

- fountain pop

- Christmas

But this is definitively #$%&ing awesome. You know, in case you were wondering. We left the hospital this morning, after 30 or so hours...mostly 'cause June's a friggin' Champ, but also because our newest daughter is too. She's doing well, as well as her Mom, and she was quiet as you can imagine all the way home. Even now, as June and her sleep upstairs, there hasn't been more than a few peeps. June assures me that she can wail, but I've yet to hear it. Zoey wailed. She was good at the wailing stuff. Maggie seems not interested in any of that. This could either be amazing, or really impressive trickery. Let's keep our fingers crossed for amazing.


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