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Friday, August 10, 2012

Good Morning Friday. Let's Start With This...

It's Friday...and it's my wife's last official day at work before a baby delivers itself (not literally) into our lives.  It's also raining, and two days trapped inside with a very vibrant three year old is, well, difficult.  It is Friday though, and I did get to start my day off watching men throw rocks with their other hand, which is quite funny.  I have a feeling about today.  I think it's gonna be alright.

I've decided that I don't pay enough attention to the little bits of brilliance that drift in and out of my life on a daily, weekly, even monthly basis, and I damn well should.  Those are the things that keep you from setting a gun in your mouth or buying a mini-van.  Those are the things that keep you happy.

Like spending the day last weekend with amazing people who know me, and who I love, and whom I had somehow drifted away from...and like finding two beautifully smile inducing comments on the blog from two beautifully smile inducing women I would have had no idea even gave a sh!t about this nonsense here...and like watching my wife walk into the last days of this dance with an inner-uteran guest like a champ, with a dignity that would make most women hate her...or like knowing that my friend Dustin and his own pregnant beauty are in Bristol, TN watching Mumford & Sons this weekend.  WHo does that?  They do.  It's like me checking my lottery ticket earlier this week and winning $5...I've never won anything.  Like watching the baby's room slowly transform from spare bedroom to nursery with paint and effort.  There's watching Jungle Book and Peter Pan on the couch with my daughter while it poured rain outside, and there's drifting about lazily in a pool with our good friend Anne, while our children splashed about happily.  There's waking up to read that Dwight Howard might be an LA Laker, and discovering that old coat that actually fits me now.  It's like pulling out that Springsteen box set and devouring it all night while the TV stayed quiet, or grocery shopping like goddamned expert and dropping a measly $87 on five or six bags of awesomeness.

Little things like answering the call from a youth expedition headed for Africa in need of some serious problem solving and then slaying them with perspective.  Like having June home every day and just feeling her presence in the house.  Like scoring NHL Winter Classic tickets, and catching the first episode of Go On...and it was actually good.  There are a billion little things every day that remind us why our lives are perfectly amazing, and if you're not paying attention...well, just trust me, pay attention.  It doesn't get much better than men throwing rocks with their other hand.


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