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Friday, August 31, 2012

French Toast and Mousetrap

Mousetrap and Feench Toast breakfast with Dad!

I don't know how you do breakfast around your house, but today we enjoyed a board game breakfast avec Toast de Francais...Do French people eat French Toast?  Just wondering.  Anyway, despite what people may or may not do in Quebec, France, and French Polynesia, we ate French Toast and played Mousetrap.  Lately, breakfasts have been extending into mid morning, and even later, as we doddle and mess around, and as Zo continues her Cal Ripkenesque "who cares about food" streak.  Naturally, playing Mousetrap doesn't help us get away from the breakfast table any faster, but it sure is fun.

Today's awesomeness is brought to you by irresponsible fathers everywhere.


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