Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flash Forward...

Flash forward 12 yrs...sleeping on the couch

June snapped this Instagram of lil' Maggie napping on the couch this morning and my mind couldn't help but flash forward thirteen or fourteen years to the exact same pose.  Hopefully we get to that day with as much luck as we've gotten to this point.  So far Maggie is a stupendous baby.  We thought that we were fortunate with Zo, but this makes twice, and Mags seems even easier still.  She sleeps in mostly giant chunks of two and three hours...wakes up, eats, and loafs all wide eyed and mostly quiet...then back asleep she goes.  She cries, so far, only when she's hungry or when she's needs changing.  Like her sister, she hates a wet or dirty diaper, and it seems as though figuring her out isn't going to take all that much effort.  She took her first long car ride yesterday, a 45 minute haul that was almost entirely silent, save for her coos and back seat gurgles.  I know, start gagging now, but it seems that we've been stupid blessed once again.  Maybe it'll all even out by the time all that couch sleeping starts, but our fingers are crossed for no.  Are we lucky, at this point, with this one, undoubtedly this point with the previous one, no.  We made ourselves look lucky.  I'm quick to call on luck to share in the responsibility for success, but on this occasion I won't be robbed of our own influence.  Zed is lovely to be around...that's right, I said lovely, because she is...and so far, so good this time around.

Sometimes living the dream looks a little different than you thought it would.


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