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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 13 of Maggie and Summer's Already Fading...Kinda

Day 13... Tiny toes

It took 13 days for Maggie to get to the beach...13 days, that's it.  It would have been sooner but we found ourselves a little pre-occupied.  It took thirteen days for it to feel like summer again, and now here it is and it's almost gone.  The Universe is a cruel, cruel, beastly place.

Today we swam, and we talked about going back to Europe, and about a half dozen other things that make you smile easier than finding Meatballs on the television late at night.  We played in the sand and generally behaved all summer-like.  Sometimes you forget that despite it not being your average summer, or our average summer, it's still summer, and you're not at work on a're at the beach.  Every once in awhile we need a smack in the face by the cold hard facts.

Beach Day - Aug 30

The coldest and hardest of facts is that we've got very little to not enjoy about a summer spent together, regardless of, well, anything.  Most people don't get to enjoy that.  We do.  There's a beach right at the end of our road...about two blocks distant.  It's small, but isolated, and often empty.  There's a sandbar, and shade, and the easiest of access.  Kinda makes summer a little easier.  It also explains why it only took thirteen days to drag Maggie to the beach.  Even when September rolls in and most people say goodbye to the beach, and start prepping for Fall, we're still two blocks away from something pretty awesome.  So in a lot of ways, summer's not hard to make any day, July or October, a beach day.  For most of the last decade we've found sand in the strangest of places.  That's a bit beyond a blessing, that is, unless you find it in those places that make you feel less than blessed.

Bring it on September.  The beach at the end of our road isn't going anywhere.


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