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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Summer of Our Discontent...

My phone broke.  Surely there are depressed and suicidal teens texting a phone that doesn't even work right now...that's the important part, the mild annoyance is that I can neither communicate with anyone or snap any pics of Zed and her summer shinanigans.  That part  means very little, but still, worth noting.

It's week three of tooth pain, and dentist's saying, "wait to see if the nerve settles down," which is frustrating.

The knee is good.

The back is far better.

The neck strain and inflamed glands, gone.

But this tooth pain...ugh.

The grand total of weeks all buggered up begins back in April.  Three months...three long months of NSAIDs, pain meds, ice packs, sleeping on the couch, muscling through work, and now camp, and now there's a baby coming...very close indeed.  Somehow, I need to not be in pain when that happens.

June is at term this coming Thursday, and our due date is approximately three and a half weeks away so I'd better get crackin' on that chore.

Anyone know a witchdoctor?


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