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Monday, July 16, 2012

Busy Day Links...Which Kind of Means That Maybe It's Not So Busy

Sometimes you can wake up early to call the Dentists office and be rewarded with both an appointment AND time to just sit and quietly type nonsensical links up for your friends.  So I suppose God does exist, I'm just gambling that he looks different than you've been telling me.

Practically the only reason I ever watched soccer.

Playing this game with Zo next time we're in the city.

A pretty great reminder to stay in the moment.

C'mon ladies.  I know you want to.  There's a five year old in you just freaking out at the idea of this.

Pull this up every time you need to.  It's comforting, and I hope you feel it every day.

Passed this on to a friend of mine who fell from a Patagonia catalogue.  Looks kind of awesome.

This is how I feel today so pack a lunch if you're planning on taking me down in the next twelve hours.  Of course, I also feel a little like this too. Does that mean I'm complex?  Probably not.

For some stupid reason this makes me smile.

This made me smile firs thing this morning.

Find a song on YouTube, copy and paste it here...enjoy it later.  It's been my larcenous secret for at least a year now. Time to share.


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