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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Perfect Summer Record Etc...

From PASTE Magazine:

"Ah, the ever-elusive “perfect summer record.” Every year, every time spring gives way to blistering heat, the search for the next best soundtrack to summer recommences.
This summer, Chicago-by-way-of-Los Angeles quintet Gold Motel is making a strong stand for the title, at least in the pop category. The band’s 12-track, self-titled sophomore release surges with pretty girl-boy harmonies and vintage reverb effects, and yet, it’s all grounded with an indie practicality."

So what are you waiting for?  I found the LP on Pirate Bay so you don't even have the shoddy excuse of not wanting to pay for some random recommendation, or wanting to avoid some costly musical experiment based on Brian's stupid, oft slanted and shamelessly pop influenced opinion.  Go get it, sneak away for a drive up the beach, roll the windows down and play it reasonably loud, enough to drown out the wind, and then thank me later.

That's what I'm gonna do...on my way to pick up our daughter from Gramma Camp where she's been having desperate amounts of fun on farms and in swimming pools, at lacrosse games, and chilling with her cousins, Zed freaks, both of 'em. She's gonna miss them.

We're eager to see her.  It's been 48 hours plus and we're jonesing for some Zoey.  We're hard core addicts and are in need of a fix.  She couldn't care less, and very likely hasn't breathed our names all week.  I don't think summer camp goodbyes are ever going to be an issue.

Have a glorious Friday all.  Be back later.  I think we're gonna drum up some ridiculous fun today...'cause what else should we be doing? Oh, that's right, letting Gold Motel take root in our brains.


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