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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet Aunt Netta World Peace...

Aunt Netta World Peace

The newest family pet has a pretty unique name, certainly a tad better than the last Betta fish that we enjoyed...Rasheed.  It does seem, however, that we have a habit of naming Beta fish after basketball players.  Aunt Netta World Peace is, of course, a mash-up of an NBA idiot and Zed's mucho appreciated Aunt Anette.  We like it.

The list of fish names in this house has been pretty ridiculous...

First there was Richard Millhouse Nixon...or Dick, for short.  His tank partner was Eddie...more formally acknowledged as Edgar Winter, whom we believe was eventually consumed by his only friend Richard Millhouse Nixon.  A turn of events that would surprise no one who ever knew Tricky Dick. Then there were Lenny & Squiggy, who met a similar fate to Eddie.  Eventually Dick's tricky ways led to his sudden demise and subsequent flush (mourned by no one).  Lastly, there is Booger.  A first rate algae eater with a longevity akin to Nolan Ryan.  He's still hanging on in a bowl all to himself.

If we do one thing right around here it's naming fish...and disposing of them.


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