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Monday, July 2, 2012

Man Hands and Little Girl Braids

Daddy learning how to braid - July 2012

I've never braided Zo's hair. I've never braided anyone's hair, for that matter.  There kinda has never been the need, you know.  Today I wanted to learn.  Not that it would take much.  I've made about a billion gimp bracelets at camp so how much harder could it know, aside from the fact that what you're braiding is attached to a living, breathing human being?  Turns out that it isn't all that hard.


Now I'm sure that braiding well is a little more difficult, but just the simple task of braiding...cinch.  Of course, there are some subtleties that I could master.  It would be nice to figure out the perfect hair to braid ratio...and naturally, different plots of land on Zed's head certainly must rear different looking braids...there are angles at which you want the braid to fall, and then it gets really complicated when you throw in hair berets and elastics, maybe even a little frightening, but the basic braid...easy peasy.


This whole braid post was really just a simple ruse that allowed me to snap this pic, and post here in reverence.  You can't even see the damn braid, which is a bit hilarious, but it's my blog so I guess I'll post whatever nonsense that I want.

The real hilarity was in seeing my rough looking man hands doing all of that supposedly delicate little girl braiding.  It was anything but delicate.  My God my hands look large and weathered.  Quick, someone pass me some lotion...ahem, excuse me, moisturizer.  Next lesson, French Braids.  I'm a little scared to be perfectly honest. That's a whole new level of ulra-cool emasculation that I'm just not sure I'm up for.  Oh, I'm down for it, just maybe not up to the task.  Those are some big fingers after all. There's no amount of gentleness that makes up for large hands. None.


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