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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How About You Shut Up and Listen To This Stuff...

Try taking Sunday nights back by listening to music that you've never heard...maybe stealing some of it...for sure by passing it on to the masses, especially if the artists themselves are cool enough to be just giving it away.  Try doing that and then tell me how you feel on Monday a friggin' Saint I bet.  Go on, try it. It's easy.  I'll show you.

Take Summer Cult, for example.  This fresh breeze of a band from Syracuse makes me desperate for a studio version of the song embedded above, Touch Me.  Since I couldn't find it posted on Soundcloud I'll just have to pray to the MP3 gods to grant me my wish.  Fun interview and polished track here. These four funsters seem super cool and I want them to live in a house down the street.

Or maybe you should cue up, The Little Indians, and let them ease you into the early hours of Monday morning.  There have been worse ideas.

Of course, we're not above listening to a band that no longer exists.  In fact, they're no longer existing directly gave us the band above.  So it goes.  Nevertheless, enjoy.  You still listen to Milli Vanilli don't you?  Don't you?

Toothpaste Kisses just kind of sounds like summer, so what are you waiting for.  The Maccabees don't care if you gobble up all their awesomeness.  In fact, I bet they want you to gobble up all of their awesomeness.  I'd bet my left thumb that they do.

Just tonight I became a big fan of Dog Eared Summer by Brite Futures.  If this song can't get your head bobbing a little, well, perhaps you're dead.  It's entirely possible.  I'm not much into Electronica, but on this specific occasion I'm all in.

It's not much but it's like, you know, a start and stuff.  Now go out and get your own.  I found all of this stuff in one place.  I swear I did.  I already linked to it, way back there, the Summer Cult link on Ithaca College's Vic Radio blog.  I used to listen to Vic constantly, and then I forgot about them, kinda like literally half of my friends, and then I found them again...kinda like half my friends.  It's what I do.

No TV tonight. No reading...well okay, very little reading...just new music adventuring.  This is the summer of breaking bad habits, and it starts by doing the things that make me smile, and this made me smile.  Enjoy.


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