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Friday, July 13, 2012

Gimped Up Links...Me That's Gimped, Not the Links. They're Solid

I'm not in the business of running track meets or even picking up things that I've dropped on the ground, but I can link the sh!t out an afternoon still...

I feel very strongly as though I must eat here, and here, and soon.

Just found out that I get to hang out with this badass lady in the Fall. Surprised that I'm as flat out excited as I am, but trust me, I'm ridiculously excited!

I'd like to own these pillows.

Can I just say that I love browsing through the New York Times? Love it.

"It was as if I'd entered a BBQ time machine." Coolest quote from the coolest story I've read in awhile.

Just ordered these...yes, all of them.  Proceed to slander.

Fun discussion. Even more fun looking movie.

Zed's Grandad is rockin' an even better mustache than the Dead's, Bob Weir these days, and everyone loves it!

Weirdest thing ever, but I sure wish that I'd found it first.

This dude here is right up some of my buddies alley...Scotty, Dusty, and Jimmy, take note. Apparently "Guns and Tacos" are a good combo.

Speaking of Taco.  I cannot wait for this guy to run out of the tunnel. I think I'll need a new jersey.

Extraordinary isn't even the right word.

Very, very cool.  I'd sell your kidneys to see this.

Zoey wants a treehouse.  I vote for this one, but a quick search for plans will paralyze you.

Why am I not going to this. It'd be a blast.

And someday this will be my house, and my daughter hanging out.


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