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Monday, July 2, 2012

Come Monday, It'll Be Alright...

Frisciante view - Slane

It's been a Red Hot Chili Peppers day this first day after Canada's birthday.  Not very Canadian, or ambitious, but appropriate.  I think I've left the house three times today, and never wandered further than forty feet from my back door.  It's ice and rest and RHCP today, and there are no arguments from this pale dude.  It's hot as hell outside and cool and easy in here.  I'm hoping to walk tomorrow so it's a fair enough trade.

Zed and June slipped off to Michigan for some groceries and adventure while I stayed home and wasted a perfectly good holiday Monday.  The least I could do whilst wasting away is provide you with some stellar links to peruse...Here you go...

I would maybe sell a foot for this jersey...What? I said maybe.

If you haven't discovered Nina Simone yet, then you're about 40 years too late.

This only feeds the voyeuristic part of my Tegan and Sara infatuation.

In case you weren't already aware, real estate developers suck junk.  This is one of the most fantastic playgrounds around.


I'd totally break into a store, steal one of these, and then risk the repercussions...or I'd just buy it.

Oh this ever going to start some discussions.

Because if you're going to build a backyard tipi, you might as well make it a nice one.

A war's last victim, and 50 years of reflection. Heavy stuff.

So so so so cool.

I'd like to get me some of this.

Seriously interesting.

Kind of a brilliant idea.

Would have been nice if maybe someone had mentioned this to me?

This blog is my version of awesome.

I may have posted this before, if not, I'm sorry.  If I'm posting it for the second time, I'm not the least bit sorry.  I love this place.

Please, if there is a God...just once in my life.

It seems like such simple advice.


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