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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Camp Zed Tie Dying...A Tradition

Zo washing out tie dye

In the first year of Camp Zed we tie dyed t-shirts on Jerry Garcia's birthday.  This year we tie dyed them on the hottest day of the year because being outside and attempting any kind of activity with any kind of ambition was a bad idea.  So, the not so old Camp Zed philosophy reared it head...when it gets unbearable outside, tie dye stuff.  It's easy to do. Zo loves it. I love it.  We feel productive, even if we're really just hiding out in the air conditioning.

The only problem us we used year-old dye and now I think I've got a couple of pink tie dye shirts to rotate in and out of my summer  As if the tie dye alone doesn't say enough about you.


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