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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Being Neglectful Takes Some Work...

C-Fam visit

We've been definitive neglectful around here.  We missed blogging a little something about our niece, Avery, and her graduation.  We're beyond proud of her and it's embarrassing that we never sat down and typed something.  Our good friend's Dustin and Kelly called to announce their pregnancy.  I was three steps past excited about the news, and then I didn't write a damn thing.  The Cowger's, of Brooklyn infamy, came to visit and it felt like we were on our own home...and nothing, not a single key punched, or sentence constructed.  What kind of monsters are we?  The truth is that we've been a little pre-occupied with being pregnant (mostly June), and with school ending (mostly me), and with recovering from knee blah be blah, which still has me on ice and in discomfort, and we've just flat out been selfish and pre-occupied.  So let's fix this with a little flat out honesty and some photos...sound good?

Avery...we're so proud of the woman that you're turning into...You're kind and oh-so conscientious, and you're values seem well developed and unshakable.  We love you and only hope that Zoey can tackle her first thirteen years the way that you have.  That would make us awfully proud.

Dustin...well, you're just flat out my favorite, and Kelly, you're pretty much the perfect side order of beautiful and thoughtful.  There's a child on it's way that has absolutely no idea how fortunate it will be to have the two of you to love he or she.  No idea.

Cow-fam...oh my, how'd you do it?  How did you make us feel as though we were on holiday in our own house, and while I slipped off to work even?  Collectively you're the sharpest three people we know, and individually we find ourselves more smitten with each of you each time we get a dose.  Mel...a calm and cool bomb of a girl. of the most wildly intelligent three year olds on planet earth.  Jeff...quickly turned into our favorite rock geek and physician (unless one saves my life someday then he or she wins the title) and the guy who surely has left a beers on the deck and fossil hunting at the beach void in my summer.  Just cool and oh-so kind people...oh-so kind.

And now the photos...hang tight.  It's something like a Vegas buffet of photographic evidence that the last few weeks have been, in the words of Sammy Sosa, "berry, berry goo to me."

Photo montage 1
Photo montage 2
Photo montage 6

Of course, there are the requisite Instagrams, though we're not quite cool enough to shoot pics exclusively with an iPhone.  That takes some serious street cred of which we have little...

Photo montage 4
Photo montage 5

Of course, you can see all of these pics in their original un-montaged form here (un-montaged should totally be a word)...or you can just ignore all of this because they're neither you're friends, or your kids. We won't be offended, but it does raise the question, what the @#$% are you doing perusing this blog in enough detail to read this?  Some people are just strange I suppose.


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