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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zoey, Cal, Ozzie, and Pudge...

Zoey's first baseball card - Cal Ripken

Tonight, while rooting through boxes and boxes of old baseball cards, Zo decided that it was pretty fun and wanted in on the rooting.  She surfaced from piles f cardboard and plastic covers with a treasure of sorts...a thirty-nine cent treasure to be exact.  Tonight Zo got her first baseball old O-Pee-Chee Cal Ripken card.  She was tickled beyond belief.  She loved it.  She even stayed up late to root through cards with Dad, and she was happy to do it.  Before she was swept off to bed she had somehow lifted a 1984 Ozzie Smith and a 1977 Carlton Fisk off of me like a pickpocket.  I believe as I type this she's falling asleep with them, and that makes me smile.

In all that rooting around I stumbled into some favorites...

Fergie and Willie cards

Fergie and Willie...awesome.

Brock and Mays cards

Lou Brock and a 1954 Willie Mays...even more awesome.


What's a collection without some Mickey card out of dozens. I had a serious obsession.

Sosa card

Sure you weren't using steroids Sammy...

And in one of the boxes, this beauty pic from Opening Day at Tiger Stadium in 1994.  Sigh.  Zoey was particularly enamored with her Dad fifteen years pre-Zed.

Tigers Opening Day 1994
CJ Profota, Brad DeWagner, Woody Johnson, and Brian DeWagner - Opening Day 1994, Detroit

Sometimes it's well worth it to go rooting through boxes.  I could have posted photo after photo of favorite cards, and who'd have ever believed that Zo would get so excited to root through piles of old Upper Decks and Boumans, but she was.

I always said that someday I was going to leave those boxes and boxes, and bins and bins of hockey and baseball cards were going to get left to my kids someday.  Good to know that she's gonna kinda dig that.  She doesn't inherit this one goes to the grave with me.


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