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Sunday, June 24, 2012

While The Cowgers Are Sleeping Links...

It was a busy, long week, and then our Brooklyn peeps, the Cowgerellis, came to visit...a three day extravaganza of lazy excess, so there has been no blogging. There has, in fact, been plenty of drinking beer, eating homemade pizza, and chocolate snacks at midnight...a lot of playing catch with Ralph, their wonder dog, and sleeping in. So apologies, not super sincere but guilt filled enough to toss you these links while the Cowgers still slumber...

For lack of better terminology, and also just because it sounds so funny, I'm kinda gay for this summer's showdown.

Laughed out loud.

Twenty-one pictures that will restore your faith in humanity.

The photos in #8 are my favorite, especially the pyramids one.

Big fan of other people's book shelves.

If I win the lottery...

The Woo posted this and it just has to be re-posted here.

Because now we just gots to this.

Going to spend some time with this man in ten days. Beyond excited.


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