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Monday, June 11, 2012

Waiting for Stanley Links...

Exactly how I'm feeling after this win.

If we're getting one more shot at the whole wedding day thing...we're getting married on a NY rooftop. You're all invited.

OMG...genius! Jimmy Fallon performing the theme song from Reading Rainbow as The Doors might have.

Aside from the obvious dude falling, how incredible does this enterprise look?

I want.

Cute picture...Anthony and his daughter, Everly Bear.

Oh man...I wish that I could do that.

Speaking of Anthony...I've always wanted to read his book, but hadn't gone as far as shelling out the loot to buy it...then the universe reminded why when I found here for free.  You're very welcome. I'll take genuine and heartfelt cosmic appreciation in return, that's all.

Monifa is the cutest thing we've ever seen since Rudy appeared on The Cosby Show.

Hey...this is cool!

Umami Burger at home!! Whoa!

When you go to the LCBO here in Ontario are you always snatching up a copy of "Food & Drink" magazine?  Here's an awesome online substitute that'll make you hungry/thirsty/envious/ignorant.

Our friends Dustin and Kelly are going to this because they're cool as hell.

Love NYC?  You should watch this.

Really wishing that this guy could have stuck around LA just long enough to hang with Lord Stanley.


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