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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ballgame...

Father's Day 9

Father's Day at the ballpark...pretty cliche, pretty much us. It was Colorado and Detroit, and from the time we arrived Zo was enthralled.  She'd been there a hundred times before today, but it might as well have been her first time.  She was wide eyed and drowning in giggles, and Mummy snapped about three hundred and forty five photos.  They were just photos at the ballpark until we got home and those same innocuous photos got me teary.  We'll post some later...when I've got the stoic resolve of a non-Father.

Fathers Day 3

Despite the 54 minute rain delay, and the carousel ride that nearly ruined Daddy's day, and the $9 chicken fingers with nine fries, we had the fifth best day ever...maybe fourth.  We were hoping to run into our friends, the Bergquists, but they spent Father's Day elsewhere.  We were also hoping for a Tigers win, and we got one.

It doesn't take much to tilt a Father's Day into something much better than average.  A Tiger home stand, and a daughter who hath no shame...


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