Thursday, June 7, 2012

Links for Lunch me whateer you like but this is interesting stuff. At one point in my life I was one of them. You know, a wide eyed kid with a baseball card collection.

This is a must see.

Love the last Bill Murray quote on page one.

Maybe the best YouTube Channel going (thanks to my friend Luke for tipping me off).

I'm with Bobby Flay (wow, I never thought I'd ever utter such a statement) in that a burger doesn't need to be a freakshow of ingredients.  There's nothing basic about the basic burger.

Imagine what you could be doing every day.

Uhmm, wow...that's all I have to say.  Denzel is just flat out a man amongst boys.

Never read a single Ray Bradbury book...and now I feel bad.

Stumbled into this story and the last part made me laugh out loud.  Do the ladies really think Dads are sexy?  I know my wife does, but in general I mean?  It's not something I ever contemplated seriously until I laughed out loud just now.

See this blog by this family. Well they're cool as #$%& and their daughter is the fo real shizzle.  Daddy...ridiculously smart dude and perilously cute Dad to his of the best heads on shoulders I've ever met, mostly 'cause it's full of brains and stuff, but it's jam packed with funny stuff too...and sincerity.  Read the blog, or don't, but it's your own fault if there aren't enough awesome families in your life.

I would very much like to visit this place.

Wanna read the Rolling Stone cover story on Zach Galifianakis from May of last year just like I wanted to? Too #$%&ing bad if you don't subscribe to their archives.  Horse$#%&.  Jann Wenner is every bit the turd people make him out to be.  So let me get this straight, I can grab a copy of the magazine from the library for free, but if I want to go to your web site, where you make copious amounts on income from advertising, not to mention the basic PR and marketing benefits of someone hanging out on your web site, I have to pay you?  I get that you might restrict web browsing of recent issues to increase readership, but your archives? Your #$%&ing archives.  Rolling Stone Magazine, you are dead to me.  No wonder Hunter Thompson hated your privileged and rotten guts so much Wenner.

Baddest dude alive.


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